claudia bowden
Claudia Bowden - English Celebrant

“It gives me great pleasure and personal satisfaction creating a personal, fun and moving ceremony for every one of my couples ensuring that they and their guests have a perfect  day to remember for the rest of their lives.”

Alison Phillips - English Celebrant

“What I love about being a celebrant is making wishes come true and a wedding day one of the best days of your lives.”

Ro 6
Roland Phillips - English Celebrant

« ………………………. »

Caroline Celebrant
Caroline Altimani - English / French / Spanish Celebrant

“The wedding ceremony kicks off the most memorable day of my couple’s life. As a former wedding planner, I realised that it is important to remind my bride and grooms what the wedding day is all about: sharing their love and commitment with their friends and family during the ceremony, and that is my role as their celebrant today.”

Emmanuel Erb - English / French Celebrant

« I like to contribute to your happiness and share one of the happiest days of your life. Romantic and passionate, I am looking for the perfect ceremony, touching and funny, to make your wedding an unforgettable moment. »

Alan Kitchener - English Celebrant

” Being a celebrant ………………..”

Helen de Ferrars - English / French Celebrant

I want to hear about your journey and what brought you to where you are now, I want to hear your stories, get to know you, understand exactly how you want your ceremony feel, so I can ensure that you have one of the happiest, enjoyable and most memorable days of your lives.

Bridget Dawson - English Celebrant

Understanding the importance of simply getting it ‘right’, I will take you through things one step at a time and I will be sure to keep in touch and nudge you periodically when there is work to do on the ceremony. For you there will be no stress, no hurry and no surprises. I believe in strong, vibrant, and long-lasting relationships, and as a celebrant who truly understands the meaning of love, sharing in your experience would be a privilege and joy.