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Gintare Macijauskaite or “Mac”



Speaking Celebrant

Kathryn & Joseph travelled from San Francisco to enjoy the romance and excitement of the perfect Paris elopement. They celebrated their wedding, bathed in bright sunshine in the beautiful and historic Luxembourg Gardens. Their tailored ceremony included traditions that reflected their Italian, Hungarian and Chinese heritage.

A personal note from Joseph Ansanelli – “Thanks again for an amazing wedding.”

Kathryn – “Thank you so much for making the day so incredibly special. Your words and thoughtfulness truly made our wedding. . Thank you again! You will always be so special to us.”

Kathryn & Joseph

Gintare was born in Lithuania. She completed her classical piano degree at the Academy of Music and Theater, after which she continued her musical journey in France and Italy.  Yes, Gintare is a musician, and this area has no limits to professionalism, excellence and perfection when it comes to presenting in front of a crowd.

You may be questionning how she became a celebrant:  openness to new inspirations. 

The paths of pianist and celebrant have much in common: what the musician conveys with the technique and spirit of the fingers, the celebrant expresses it all orally in the the same way. And at the end, the goal of both is to create one single and most memorable and magical moment.

Emmanuel Erb celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/emmanuel-erb-wedding-celebrant/ Thu, 16 Apr 2020 07:19:12 +0000 https://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=24730

Emmanuel Erb


Speaking Celebrant

“When we met you before our wedding, we knew that you were going to make it as special as possible. We immediately warmed to you when we met you and were thrilled you were going to conduct our wedding ceremony. You spent a lot of time working with us to make sure our ceremony was just as we wanted and made it the most special day of our lives. We would not hesitate to recommend uou again – we just loved working with you.”

Emma & Des Fortune

Romance and Passion, what more do you need for your perfect ceremony well maybe a bit of fun but definitely with some touching moments. Being bi-lingual allows me to be all these things and more.

I am also an experienced author which enables me to transmit genuine emotion through the written word. I want your ceremony to be an unforgettable moment enjoyed by everyone and that you remember it throughout your lives together.

Nathale Van Royen celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/nathale-van-royen-wedding-celebrant/ Thu, 16 Apr 2020 07:11:41 +0000 https://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=24726

Nathalie Van Royen


Speaking Celebrant

“After a great honeymoon in Italy and a week in England with family, we are back in Canada, where life returns to normality and we can look back with fond memories on our fantastic wedding day.  Thank you so much for such a magnificent and beautiful ceremony, which you were such an important part of. Thank you for all of the help in preparing the content of the ceremony and for the useful advice on the day itself which helped to calm any nerves.  Your relaxed and professional attitude helped to put our minds at ease, which allowed us to really enjoy the ceremony even more. A number of our guests commented on what a great job you did.  Thanks again.”

Tara & Peter

My name is Nathalie and I am a multi-lingual celebrant.

I believe that celebrating your love and commitment to one another is an honour and a privilege that I love being a part of.

I want to provide a unique wedding experience that allows you to say what you want to one another. For me, celebrating LOVE is the most exiting job in the world.

Alison Phillips English Celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/alison-phillips-english-celebrant/ Thu, 16 Apr 2020 05:59:07 +0000 https://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=24699

Alison Phillips

English Speaking Celebrant

Thank you Alison for providing a beautiful ceremony! Everyone really enjoyed it, and as you could see, I was rather overcome by emotions from start to finish.  We had such a great day.

Selma and Panno

After a successful career in management Alison moved with her husband Roland to France in 2007 to enjoy a less hectic lifestyle. Alison and Roland have been happily married for over thirty-eight years and they have four grown up children and five grandchildren.

While working on the family event hire business, Alison saw many wedding ceremonies in France and noticed that they were all very similar. Then she saw a number of ceremonies conducted by ‘Celebrants in France’ She was impressed that every ceremony was not only moving and emotional but also unique to the couple, their family and friends.

It was as if the profession had chosen her, after training with CIF she has taken to her new career with passion and enthusiasm, utilizing her skills for organising, punctuality and a good listener. People instinctively like and trust Alison and know that she can be relied upon whatever the situation.

So why choose Alison?  She is very caring and attentive towards the wishes of the couples she works with. She is able to put them at their ease and help take any potential stress out of the ceremonial process. She has a genuine interest in helping people and recognizing that listening to their requests is a vital part of ensuring their special day is perfect for them.

Chris Sait English Celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/chris-sait-english-celebrant/ Thu, 16 Apr 2020 05:51:50 +0000 https://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=24693

Chris Sait

English Speaking Celebrant

I always pictured my ceremony as a very straight-laced, romantic, emotional and peaceful one. Thankfully, nothing goes according to plan and it was even better than I dreamt! I blubbered my way down the aisle, laughed about it once I got to the alter. Chris’ very meaningful ceremony left us feeling so very special and full of love. Our guests enjoyed it so much, that we had two separate couples approach us afterwards asking for Chris’s information to renew their vows! Thank you for such a special, funny, & memorable ceremony.

Marie & Steven

Chris has been living in France since 2001 with his wife Jean, having had a holiday home here since 1989, after a 40 year career as a doctor. He was a GP in Swansea for 25 years and then spent 9 years working as a locum for the RAF in UK and Europe.

His initial involvement in with Celebrants in France was assisting Jean with her ceremonies. Since retiring he has become a full-time celebrant for the last three wedding seasons.

So he now has had a wealth of experience with wedding ceremonies and believes that there is nowhere better for a very special day. He enjoys meeting people, often from very different backgrounds, helping them to create a unique ceremony. His personality and outlook on life help to ensure that his couples can relax and enjoy their wedding day knowing that their ceremony is in very safe hands.

Jean Sait English Celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/jean-sait-wedding-celebrant/ Thu, 16 Apr 2020 05:27:03 +0000 https://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=24681

Jean Sait

English Speaking Celebrant

I wanted to send you this email to express our thanks to you for what was simply the most beautiful ceremony we could have possibly imagined. Words cannot describe how much we appreciated the way you conducted proceedings and I wish there was some other way to describe how wonderful we think you are. Each and every person we speak to who was at the wedding starts with the same thing. “The ceremony and oh… the celebrant”!!! They are all full of praise for you and all think that what you did truly set a standard. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


Melissa & Paul

She is a very experienced public speaker and has delighted more than 300 couples with the personal and meaningful ceremonies she has crafted for them. She works with her clients to ensure that their ceremony encompasses all that they would wish to say to one another.

Her nursing background reflects her warm and caring approach, which puts couples at ease and enables them to fully enjoy this important moment in their lives. Her sense of humour and calm manner is guaranteed to relax the most nervous brides and grooms.

Stephanie Berthe English French celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/stephanie-berthe-wedding-celebrant/ Sat, 07 Jan 2017 08:47:06 +0000 http://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=134

Stephanie Berthe


Speaking Celebrant

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for making our ceremony so special and so personal. It was lovely to see how all your hard work came together on the day and gave everyone the most beautiful ceremony we have ever been to and heard. We have been to many weddings but none have ever given us the feeling that you did for us. You are such a wonderful, kind, caring lady and that came across on the day with the way you spoke and the little details you said just made it all very unique.

Julia and Craig

Caroline Altimani Bilingual Celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/caroline-altimani-wedding-celebrant/ Sat, 07 Jan 2017 08:44:42 +0000 http://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=128

Caroline Altimani


Speaking Celebrant

Caroline you were AMAZING!! The ceremony could not have been more perfect. It was a blend of funny, intimate, and personal for us. Many people said it was the best ceremony they have ever been at and we of course agree 100%!!! Thank you soooo much. You are THE BEST! 💕


Romain & Tia

Je voulais vous remercier pour avoir fait de notre cérémonie un moment unique. Nous avons adorés du début à la fin, nos familles ont trouvés ce moment plein d’émotion, c’était une cérémonie qui nous correspondait. Vous avez vraiment su mettre en avant nos personnalités, notre histoire et l’amour qu’on a l’un pour l’autre, aussi bien en français qu’en anglais. Merci merci,

Riachka & Mikael

Caroline Altimani, is recognized for her positive, sunny disposition and generous outlook on life. She is much loved by all the couples she works with and is a truly multi-cultural and multi-lingual wedding celebrant speaking English, French and Spanish and a touch of italian if you wish.

Born and grew up in the United States, but she has lived in France for over 25 years, first spending 10 years in the Loire Valley chateau region and for the past 15 years Caroline has made her home in Paris with her husband Tony and daughter Olivia.

Until recently Caroline had been one of France’s top wedding planners delighting couples from around the world, but now she has found her real calling as a wedding celebrant who feels passionately that the wedding ceremony and the couple’s personal vows are the cornerstone of a good marriage and a memorable wedding day.

Every ceremony that Caroline designs is perfectly tailored to you and involves you every step of the way, expressing your thoughts and emotions. She draws on her considerable experience to develop a personalized ceremony, just perfect for you and memorable for your guests.

Gwen Gibson Wedding Celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/gwen-gibson-wedding-celebrant/ Sat, 07 Jan 2017 08:43:15 +0000 http://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=126

Gwen Gibson

English Speaking Celebrant

We just wanted to drop you a quick note before we go on honeymoon to thank you for just being so wonderful! We thoroughly loved having you there with us on the day and you really made our ceremony special. We got so many complements on how amazing you were, how special the ceremony was and unique. A lot of people cried (I didn’t realise!) and felt it was very heartfelt and personal. Thank you for working with us to make it just as we’d dreamt about.

Eva & Warren

Although having only recently relocated to France, Gwen, her husband and her family have been holidaying for many years in the Dordogne. As such she appreciates what France can bring to make a significant day a wonderful experience.

Gwen brings her 35 years’ experience of project management in a multi-cultural environment, her love of life and experiences to her role of celebrant.

Having heard of the reputation that Celebrants in France holds and after training with CIF, she is keen to continue their ethos and work with couples to ensure their ceremony is both memorable and enjoyable.

Gwen will use her organisational, research and listening skills to work with couples and guide them towards a unique and customised ceremony.

Above all she aims to ensure that with support, couples enjoy a stress free, moving and emotional experience.

Roland Phillips Wedding Celebrant https://www.celebrantsinfrance.com/celebrants/rolland-phillips-wedding-celebrant/ Sat, 07 Jan 2017 08:42:28 +0000 http://beta.celebrantsinfrance.com/?page_id=123

Roland Phillips

English Speaking Celebrant

Chris and I are still on a little cloud of love and happiness after our wedding.  We both would like to thank you very much for everything you did to make our ceremony so special. The preparation we had with you was very smooth and we felt we were in good hands from the very start. You had very good pieces of advice, and knew how to guide us. Meeting you was wonderful and we loved the way you conducted the ceremony: your deep voice, your calm and warmth, your kindness, your words.

Sophie & Christian

Roland moved with his wife, their horses and dogs to France in 2007.

He served with distinction for thirty years as a Detective and spent the latter years of his career in child protection.

Roland has been married for over thirty-five years and has four grown up children and five grandchildren.

He brings a wealth of experience of life and professionalism, he has a calm and relaxed manner, which helps to put couples at their ease and assure them that their special day will be perfect.

Roland will listen to you carefully and work with you to deliver a warm, heartfelt and bespoke ceremony that is as individual as you and create those wonderful memories, which you will treasure for the rest of your lives.