Symbolic ceremonies

 Symbolic Ceremonies

 Turn your dream wedding into reality with a ceremony written just for you

We feel that it is important to let you know that your wedding day is a massive event in your lives, something you will hopefully only do once! As such, you must feel happy and confident that the central part of the day – the moment when you make your promises to each other, is in keeping with all of your aspirations, hopes and dreams and says exactly what you wish to say to one another.

Ask most people what the focal point of a wedding ceremony is and they’ll say it’s the joining together of two people in love. It’s an opportunity  to celebrate your love and to witness the declaration of the vows you are making to one another for the years ahead.  A “Celebrant led” wedding ceremony will put the focus firmly on you, the couple, at the centre of the day.

Our role is to guide you through the journey to your dream wedding ceremony.