Yes, But since the separation of church and state in 1905, you are only legally married if the wedding is performed by the mayor (“maire”) or his authorized replacement at the mairie (town hall) of your place of residence. It is mandatory that at least one of the couple has a long term visa and has proof of residence of over 6 months, and the wedding must take place in the commune of residence. You must also provide a number of documents (Passport, Certificat de Celibat, Certificat de Coutume, Medical Certificate, Proof of Domicile, and if you are planning to have one, a Prenuptial agreement) – All of the above documents must be translated into French by one of the approved “official” translators, a list of which is available at your mairie. French law also requires the posting of marriage banns at the appropriate mairie no less than ten (10) days preceding the date of marriage. If a French legal/civil wedding is to take place, any additional religious blessing can only be performed after the civil ceremony, the minister, priest or rabbi will require the certificate of civil marriage (certificat de célébration civile) as proof that the civil ceremony has taken place. Unless one of you are a French citizen, or you are French residents, take a serious look at the simple option of having a civil ceremony in your own country and have your fairy-tale wedding blessing in France.