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by Our Senior Celebrant

Dear beloved celebrants,

In May 2012 you married me and my husband Andrew (McCann) in my parents’ backyard in a small village near Beaune, Bourgogne. You may remember it from Andrew sobbing through the entire ceremony, our Dutch and Irish families tying ribbons around our hands, a red carpet to walk down the ‘aisle’ or our friends playing music in the gorgeous backyard.

This weekend we re-watched the wedding video and were so incredibly moved by the ceremony, once again.

So I just wanted to say another enormous thank you for your huge role in making our wedding day truly the most special day of our lives! We have gone through some difficult times and health issues (as one does), and one way I have calmed myself in anxious times is to remember and relive that beautiful afternoon. Luckily, we mostly have wonderful and happy times, and the love between Andrew and me that brought us all together on May 26th 2012 has only grown. It has expanded to include two more little humans: Lukas (almost 4) and Clara (1). I’ll include a few pictures so you can see how we’ve aged well together 🙂

I hope you are well, despite the very strange and challenging times of living through a pandemic.

Best wishes,

Loes Knaapen & Andrew McCann, Lukas &Clara

Celebrants In France

Celebrant-led ceremony

A “Celebrant led” wedding ceremony will put the focus firmly on you, the couple, at the centre of the day.

Your wedding day is a massive event in your lives – you must feel happy and confident that the central part of the day, your wedding ceremony, says exactly what you wish to say to one another. We believe that it is important that couples are given many ideas and choices when creating their ceremony, and that they maintain total control of all aspects of their wedding day.

A marriage ceremony may take only 30 minutes or so, but it should be a memory that lasts a lifetime. Your ceremony is written to create a unique, personal celebration of your special day, to leave lingering memories long after the rose petals and confetti have been swept away.

Roland 2
Celebrants in France Award

“I have performed and been to many weddings in the course of my life, but your ceremony was the most moving and sincere wedding I have ever attended, be proud of your job in life, and make more people as happy as you have made us today.”

An Irish Minister invited as a guest

Praise indeed!

Our celebrants

Our wedding celebrants display the authority and charisma required to lead the ceremony without taking over. We know when to be at the centre of the ceremony and when our presence should hardly be noticed to allow the couple to express their feelings to each other. We are aware that our role goes far beyond writing a script as our clients expect us to guide them, write their story, convey their emotions and celebrate their union with respect, professionalism, confidence and humour.

From our couples

Shared memories

Happy Couples “Thank You’s”

2016 07 02 JAM 1263 Edit

I’d like to start this email off by thanking you for the most beautiful and perfect ceremony. It went so well and it was enjoyed by all. Apparently we had most of the crowd in tears and i have received lots of comments about how beautiful the words you said were, and how nicely the whole thing was structured. On a personal note, I also need to thank you for your incredible support at the start of the ceremony. Your clearly noticed that I was struggling to compose myself and I am extremely grateful for you turning me round to face the fields and chatting me through it. It was a day that I will never forget, and I feel we were very lucky to have you as part of it.

Heather & James

pexels photo

I just want to say the BIGGEST thank you for making our special day, just perfect! The celebrant plays such a significant role in any wedding day, so we’re just so happy to have found you, as you were so kind and patient on the day and really helped create a relaxing atmosphere throughout. The ceremony that you put together for us was just amazing! It felt so personal and so tailored to us that it really added to our big day and made it something unbelievably memorable (and emotional!) Apologies for my relentless tears! The ceremony was absolutely perfect and I can honestly say that your hard work creating it all, resulted in the happiest moment of my life.

Rob & Bea


We’re back and we have had the most amazing couple of weeks and really didn’t want it to end. We had such a fantastic weekend celebrating and everybody spoke about how fantastic you were and how personal the ceremony was – A couple of our engaged friends said it has really made them focus on the fact they would like a  very personal ceremony! We honestly cant thank you enough, you had the attention of every one of our guests and had everybody either laughing or reaching for the tissues!!Thank you so so much for making our day extra special, your fantastic at what you do!

Louise & Andrew

“We care passionately about working with you to create a tailor-made ceremony that tells your story, engages your guests and is just perfect for you. In short, your wedding celebrant’s role is to make sure that you and your guests remember your wedding ceremony as a magical, privileged, timeless, unique moment in your life”