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Selected Wedding Readings ……..

Readings are an important way to recognise and involve those who are close to you in your special day. To help you get started, we have listed a few popular readings below, but if there are others that you find online that are more meaningful please feel free to you use those instead.

Some couples have also put together their own readings with the congratulations letters they received from their guests after their engagement notice, or the mother of the bride does a moving speech instead of doing it at the reception, or a list of quotes about marriage and advice to the newlyweds… Ask your celebrant if you need help on this as we have seen many different original options for this part.

Typically there would be two readings by your guests, in the first part of the ceremony – don’t forget this is your wedding, you can have whoever, and as few or as many readings as you choose.

We have categorised the readings for you here below. Click on the links to read through them.

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